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August 12, 2008


SSG Mamea, Allin

Sgt Kenneth Gibson served honorably in Iraq (OIF 6) until his life was taken unexpectedly on the 10th August 2008. Sgt Kenneth Gibson served as a rifleman and truly a hero during our rotation from 2004 - 2005. He gave his all for a great cause in restoring hope and liberty throughout Iraq. Im proud and honored for his unfailing efforts and undying devotion as a soldier and a great friend from A co, 3rd Plt, 1-14 IN BN, Schofield Barracks, HI. Sgt Gibson served meritoriously with sefless service and inspiring others who has fought with him for this nation. Our sympathy, gratitudes, regards, and love carries out to his wife Mrs. Nikki Gibson who still resides in Hawaii. Sgt Gibson, was a fine american soldier whos reputation and character was invaluable to our missions and success..May you rest in peace in heavenly realms as we continue to be strong and fight for freedom here in Iraq. Peace and love to your loves one and those who still support us in every dimensions and form. We will still fight knowing in our hearts that you will always be remembered in our lives as the band of brothers still holding strong for you...We love and missd you already....

Ssg Mamea, Allin E.

Squad Leader, 3rd Plt
A co 1-14th IN BN, 25th ID
Outpost JSS Tarmiyah, Iraq

Richard Aquino (former Squad Leader a CO. 1-14th)

I just learned of Sgt Gibson's passing and was deeply saddened by it. I met him when he was fresh out of Basic Training and knew right away that he was a good man. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.

Richard Aquino

Ian MacEachen (2nd PLT, B Co, 1-14 IN BN, 25th ID, '96-'99)

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Sgt. Gibson; God Speed Sgt! Though I never met the man, I still feel a strong kinship to all of my inafntry brethren. It also struck me that this man joined the Army six years (to the day) after me-it made the news of his loss all the more personal.

My deepest condolences to Sgt Gibson's wife and family; a good man has been lost and will be remembered as a hero.

Ian MacEachen

Dwayne Williams

I knew Gibson from 03' to 06' and there was never a time when i didn't have a smile on my face from what he said. Gibson was truly a influential soldier. Dwayne Williams 1st PLT,Aco. 1-14th Infantry Schofield Bks, Hawaii 2003-2006. I'll miss you Gibson.

Chuck McVaugh

Gibby was just out of basic and i was his first team lesder. Always able to suck it up, a very cool man. To his wife Nikki, i am so sorry, and if i can do anything, give me a call (302)893-7431. I know gibby is in a great place. Gods speed my friend
Chuck McVaugh (Cpl-p)

matt browell

My deepest condolences to Sgt Gibson's wife and family i did not know sgt. gibson but i am a former dragon ( 3rd plt F.O. 1-14 inf) from the first deployment. God speed


I didn't know Sgt. Gibson as well as I'd have liked. We'd talked enough times for me to know he was a great guy. He was the guy that had no enemies. Not a single person could say a bad thing about him, and he was respected by every man in the company.

Alpha Company is missing one of it's best soldiers.

Bobby Weaver

It was a privelage and honor to have known Gibby. He had a way about him that was contagious. I will always cherish conversations we shared, and will miss him deeply. He has touched all those who knew him, and changed our lives forever. Your family is in our prayers...God Bless Brother.

Doc Weaver
NCOIC,Forward Aid Station
JSS Tarmiyah,IRAQ

Jeff Adamietz

I met Sgt.Gibson when he was a private when I came back from Bosnia. Sgt. Gibson was a kind man and a dedicated soldier. It was an honor to serve with Sgt. Gibson and I send out my deepest condolences to him and his wife Nikki.

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