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February 19, 2005


Melody Gwinn

Welcome home SGT. Gwinn, your family is very proud of you!!! We are looking forward to having you back in our lives again. A hero's welcome awaits you in Byron when you return.

Mandy Bronson

I was so excited to see this picture of Adam Green, and his Mom Linda. It's nice to see a picture of Adam HOME!!!! to Adam: I miss you so much, and i cant wait for you get home to Missouri. Everyone is looking so forward to finally meeting you!


Does anyone know if ALL of 1-14 is back. I haven't heard from a friend yet and don't know if this is because he isn't back yet or because he doesn't want to talk. Thanks.


Cindy, yes all of 1/14 are back. They were all back by 3rd week in February.

philip r halloran

Great job guys! I read all the articles that told of your time in Iraq. 1/14 was one of the best units I served with and several of us dragon alumni, and there are quite a few of us here in Boston MA., are proud of what you guys have accomplished over the past 13 months and equally as proud of sharing the title of Golden Dragon. Once again congatulations warriors, you earned it.

Patti Bader

Job Well Done
Patti and Jeff Bader

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