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October 05, 2004


Heather Keel


I just stumbled across this website looking for information on my brother David Bland in Alpha company. Although I haven't found any pictures of him, I enjoy have the opportunity to see these soldiers. Thank you so much for this site and sharing with other families!

God bless you!


Traci Lisius

I too, just happened to find this site. Our son Adam Lisius is in Alpha Co. Trying to keep up with the 'Dragons' isn't always easy. Believe it or not, it's a comfort to come here and find out what they've been up to. Thanks for sharing and keeping the news up to date.


Kristin Duke

Thanks for creating this great website. Long gaps between phone calls can drive a worried wife insane, so it helps to be able to keep up with the unit. I even spotted my husband, Sgt. Quentin Duke, in one of the group photos of Charlie Company! Thanks again!

Melody Gwinn

Thanks for posting this site. They say "No news is good news," but having concrete information & photos says it all. My son SGT. Random Gwinn is with A Co.
Worried Mom in Michigan

Leila Cohoon

I am the proud grandmother of Adam Green in the Golden Dragons. It was a thrill to turn on the news with Peter Jennings and hear Michael Ware talking about the battle of Samarra. Adam was in several of the pictures. It has been eight months since we have seen him. We have many friends who are praying for his and his buddies safe return.
Leila Cohoon

Jerry Jennings

Thank you for the web site. I am the proud father of Matthew Jennings. It is a long time between phone calls and we worry over all the boys over there. God's speed to all.

Jerry Jennings

Stephen LoPinto

for all the friends and family of 3rd platoon B co 1-14 this is thier medic speaking and i just want to say we are doing fine and dandy and every one misses you...merry christmas and happey new year....wwe will see you all very soon.


Jayati Vora

The Nation Seeks Iraq War Vets

The Nation magazine would like to interview Iraq War combat veterans who have been part of Operation Baton Rouge in Samarra in October 2004 for an investigative story. The focus is Iraqi civilians caught up in the war zone. It will be written by Chris Hedges, the author of "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning," and a Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent for The New York Times, and by Laila Al-Arian, who has written for The Nation magazine. We'd like to hear from people as soon as possible.

If you are interested in participating, please call Jayati Vora, a Nation researcher, at 212-209-5438 or email [email protected].

Larry Crowder

I am the proud father of SSG George A. (Tony or Doc) Crowder who was with the 1 Bn 14th Infantry during their tour of Iraq in 2004-05 serving as a combat medic.

He is now on another combat tour in Afghanistan.

Since returning from Iraq he also has been blessed with another son, in addition to Austin he now has Evan.

I had the honer and pleasure of meeting many of those who served with him when my wife and I came to Hawaii after the unit's return.

The only person I missed that I wanted to meet with all my heart was a man I think is one of the finest first sergeants the Army has ever had, Alpha company's 1/Sgt (And I if I spell your name incorrectly I apologise. 1/SGT Aquada.

Please forgive me if I did.

The job you did taking you guys to war and bringing as many back safely as you did coupled with the outstanding job that was done in the field by you and your men is something that you can be supremely proud of forever.

I wanted to tell you that and of my great respect for all that you did for my son. He has a very the high regard and deep respect for you both as a man and as a soldier. He speaks of you often when he reminisces about lessons learned and of the people who have been positive influences on his life.

I hope that you see this note or someone passes it along to you.

Thank you for an outstanding job and may God be with you and your family always.

Larry Crowder.

Manny V

To Mr. Crowder,

My name is SGT Vasquez.I served with your son in Hawaii & Iraq. Wanted to tell you that he truly was a good medic. Also wanted to inform you that I just forwarded your comment about our 1SG to SGM Agueda who is now in Ft Hood, TX.


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