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October 23, 2004


Patti Patton-Bader

God Bless these hansome heroes!!!
Great Pics,

Rhonda Nichols

To my son, Matthew Jennings, and all of the young men that are with him,
Thank you so very much for a job Greatly done. You will never know just how much those of us at home appreciate what you are doing. We are proud of you all!

Sherry Peterson

You guys are the greatest. I am proud of my son and everyone there working as a team. A lady in our church prays for ALL of you every single day several times a day. Come home - all of you - safe and sound.

Sarah Maxwell

Hi, My newphew Chad Moore is currently serving in Iraq with C Co., 1-14 Inf, "Golden Dragons". I come to this link to check any information I might find on the current activities of his unit. It has been very comforting to me to read the differant articles and see the pictures. Helps lift some of the unknown and fear of not knowing. Other family members do tell me when I see them if they have spoken to him via phone recently but reading the stories of the 1-14 activities helps me a great deal. Without this site and postings I would be very much in the dark. God Bless all our troops both here and abroad. God willing they will all return home soon safe.

Steve Jacobs

Hi all, as you probably know the Golden Dragons newsletter was finally updated a couple of weeks ago since May. I found that the 1st Infantry divisions newsletter to be excellent and updated bi-weekly and includes a section on the 2nd BCT of the 25th Infantry. Several issues mention the 1-14 of the 25th ID and what their missions have been. The URL is:

or you can get to it through their homepage at

and click on press releases. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and keep the prayers coming for the next few weeks when we get our soldiers home....Steve

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