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July 03, 2004


MAJ Fearnow

As I look back on my 13 year army career, the LTF Fearnow experience stands out as one of the most memorable (LTF Fearnow was a name given to the task force by the 225th battalion commander at the time, to the displeasure of my type-B personality). From a technical stand point, it was a pretty simple mission - there was a large logistics infrastructure already stood up in the area by the 2nd ACR, and TF 1-14 IN would operate out of only two bases. The most memorable part was courage and professionalism demonstrated by the Golden Dragons. They were virtually 1ID's "surge" battalion and it seemed liked they were always preparing for trips into the unknown, covering down where somebody needed a hand, or, in this case, filling a gap in time as one unit departed and their replacement was late in arriving. Whenever I was in need of inspiration or feeling sorry for myself, all I had to do was hang around a few of these men as they prepared for their next mission or wound down from a busy day. I will always have much respect and admiration for middle aged family men willing to put their own lives and limbs on the line for a cause greater than self. It is a mentality all Americans should aspire to and admire.

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